Open the Parentstory app (Available on App Store/ Google Play) or open through your browser.

On Home Page, type the keywords on search bar, or tap “Explore” at the bottom to search for activities or courses that fit the needs of Parents and Kids.

To make it easier for Parents to find the right activity or course, Parents can use the filter feature; Nearby, Date, Age, Location and Category at the top. Swipe left to see all the filter options.

When Parents have found the right activity or course, tap the activity or course as illustrated below:

Then tap “Select” to choose the date according to the availability of Parents and Kids. After selecting a date, tap “Order Now” and fill participants info who will take part in the chosen activity
Tap “Continue” and afterwards, Parents will see a pop-up view to confirm the order details again as illustrated below

If the “Order Summary” is correct and meet the needs of Parents and Kids, tap “Continue Payment” and complete the payment process that has been selected.

If Parents experience any problems in the booking process, please contact our Customer Support Team
WA: 0811-1340-5213 or 0821-1338-8180
Live chat via app or website
[Monday-Sunday, 9AM-6PM WIB]
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