After completing the booking process of the chosen activity or course, Parents will be redirected to the payment page.

Tap "Continue to Payment"

The Parentstory payment system has been integrated with Tokopedia. Therefore, when proceeding to payment, Parents will be redirected to the Tokopedia payment page.

At this stage, Parents will have to verify their mobile number first:

If Parents already have a Tokopedia account, Parents will need to verify it first, by choosing one of the available verification methods.

If Parents do not have a Tokopedia account, the payment process will be directed to the Tokopedia Register Form. When Parents have successfully registered, it will be directed to the "Checkout" page. If Parents have successfully verified the mobile number, tap "Continue"

Afterwards, Parents are welcome to choose their preferred payment method.

Note: There are more than 30 payment methods provided by Tokopedia

What payment options are available at Parentstory?

More information on how to pay and the Terms & Conditions can be read HERE.

After completing the payment at Tokopedia, Parents will receive a Payment Confirmation as seen below. In addition, Parents will also receive a booking confirmation which can be seen in the "My Bookings" menu (both in the app or on the web) and also email notifications.

If Parents experience any problems in payment process, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team via:

WA: 0811-1340-5213 or 0821-1338-8180
Live chat via app or website
[Monday-Sunday, 9AM-6PM WIB]
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